Label Printing

Design, print, and customize fresh food labels with universal scale and labeling integrations

Regulatory requirements for food product labels are constantly changing—and retailers have to change labels to fit new regulations, a time-consuming and costly endeavor when using traditional scales and labeling devices. Upshop makes fresh food labeling simple. Quickly and easily design unique label layouts, build templates that can span multiple labels, use color in labels, and add multiple graphics with Upshop Label Printing.


Create labels quickly with an automated library of regulatory fields that maintain up-to-date data through integrated systems


Save money and create a more engaging customer experience by designing and printing unique labels


Utilize scale and printer brands that best fit business needs to create one centralized system for designing, adjusting, and printing labels

Upshop’s tightly integrated recipe and labeling capabilities has kept manual intervention for colleagues to a minimum whilst keeping labeling information accurate even when recipes and suppliers of ingredients change.
Darren Nickels
Retail Technology Operations Director, Henderson Group

Label Printing Customers