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Imagine a store that’s always fresh. Every aisle and every ingredient. Nothing goes to waste. The complexity of fresh, simplified.
Imagine a store with smarter interactions. Labor so efficient shopper engagement is top shelf, every time. UI so user-friendly anyone can use it.
Imagine a store that’s completely connected. Total workflow synchronization. Streamlined eCommerce. One singular employee workflow.
Nice to meet you—We’re Upshop.

The Total Store
Operations Platform


Gain decisive visibility into fresh operations with Upshop. Our SaaS-based food management features provide the tools needed to effectively plan, analyze, and deliver on fresh—every day. Grow sales, cut costs, improve operational efficiencies, and remember: Fresh isn’t just the perimeter. Fresh is online. Fresh is made to order. Fresh is total store.

Reduction in Waste


Upshop expiration date and labor management features streamline tasks and minimize labor, quantify sustainability, and lend historical forecasting expertise to inventory and production planning. Eliminate unnecessary waste and deliver on your promise of freshness with Upshop.

Average Shrink Savings


eCommerce with Upshop lets your store fill multiple orders at scale, secure precise on-hand assortment, and prioritize in-system customer communication. Less labor, optimized pick paths, increased basket size. The fulfillment ecosystem is complicated: Grow with Upshop and achieve true end-to-end orchestration.

Order value increase when engaging with conversational commerce
Upshop wins speak for themselves.

Championing Total
Store Success

Simplified. Smarter. Connected.

Upshop was built by people who understand how complicated it is to run a grocery store—and who care deeply about helping clients achieve fully synchronized operations. We got our start in retail bagging groceries and cashiering; working in IT and asset protection; stocking shelves and managing teams. We put in the work on the ground level to gain the know-how necessary to pioneer exceptional retail software solutions for 30+ years in 28k+ retail locations, 9 countries, and 3 continents.