Powering the Upshop Experience

Upshop has been building store operations technology for 30+ years to provide simplified, smarter, more connected SaaS-based solutions for retailers and associates.

The technology of leading products FreshIQ®, ShopperKit, Date Check Pro, and Itasca Magic™ have synchronized to form a singular platform that delivers end-to-end visibility, increased sales, major waste reduction, and streamlined labor efficiencies.

Meet the Team

Shamus Hines

Chief Executive Officer

Carrie Quigley

SVP, Professional Services

Erin Dillon

Chief of Staff | VP of People

Girish Gopalakrishnan

VP, Engineering

Jeff Baskin

Chief Revenue Officer

Jeffrey Kennedy

Head of Business Development

Joydeep Roy

Chief Technology Officer

Kristin Herce

Chief Financial Officer

Lauren Kennedy

Vice President, Customer Success

Mark Hawthorne

Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer

Mike Weber

Chief Marketing Officer

Pete Caito

SVP, Product

Puja Singh

VP, Global Strategic Partnerships

Ryan Voorhees

Chief Operating Officer

Steve Paro

SVP Product Strategy

Benjamin Stokes

VP, Data Science

Sally Robinson

VP, Strategic Initiatives

Put Your People First with Upshop

Upshop was built by people who understand how complicated it is to run a store—and who care deeply about helping clients achieve fully synchronized operations. We got our start in retail bagging groceries and cashiering; working in IT and asset protection; stocking shelves and managing teams. We put in the work on the ground level to gain the know-how necessary to pioneer exceptional retail software solutions for 30+ years in 30k+ retail locations, 9 countries, and 3 continents.