Safety and Sustainability

Food Traceability

Prevent disruptions with real-time visibility of all items entering your stores

Retailers know food safety is nothing to take lightly. Having the ability to track ingredients backward and forwards through the production line, perform quality audits and checks – from pre-receipt to entry-to-exit – and isolate defective products can seem impossible without the help of a solution that understands food safety operations.


Intuitive reporting gives retailers the ability to track contaminated items right back to the originating source


Door to Floor™ Traceability provides a preliminary scan to identify any suspected recalled or outbreak items at the point of identification


Immediately flag recalls and outbreaks across store locations with real-time inventory visibility

Consumers that expect food companies to fully resolve a recall or outbreak within 1 day
Americans that become sick from contaminated food each year
Shoppers continue to prioritize ingredient transparency

Food Traceability Customers