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Safety and Sustainability

Expiration Date Management

Make sure expired products never end up in carts  
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Streamline cross-store date checking labor and yield high adoption rates with friendly UI that guides associates step-by-step


Reduce on-shelf expired items through automated, easy-to-follow notifications while receiving real-time expired shrink breakdown


Keep information connected with straightforward API/FTP compatibility and data integration across key enterprise systems

Return on investment in year 1
Shrink savings per $1 of labor
Annual shrink savings per store

Stop Expired Food Products

Before They Happen

Upshop arms grocers and other retailers with complete control over expiring products; driving efficiency, ensuring the freshest shopping experience possible, and turning prior loss into revenue.

Learn how to stop wasting money on expiration date management and deliver on your promise of quality to your customers.

Put an end to reactive, labor-heavy practices and reduce expired shrink by 44-69% by eliminating expired products from your stores’ shelves.

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