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We are a dynamic SaaS company dedicated to developing cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing the grocery industry. At Upshop, our mission is to empower customers by providing them with exceptional tools and support, enabling them to prioritize what truly matters – their associates and shoppers. We’re looking for exceptionally talented individuals who are just as passionate about our mission to join our team and contribute to our culture of innovation, growth, and leadership. Our vibrant company culture thrives on hard work, customer-centricity, and celebrating our shared successes. Join us in shaping the future of the grocery industry!

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Upshop was built by people who understand how complicated it is to run a store—and who care deeply about helping clients achieve fully synchronized operations. We got our start in retail bagging groceries and cashiering; working in IT and asset protection; stocking shelves and managing teams.  We put in the work on the ground level to gain the know-how necessary to pioneer exceptional retail software solutions for 30+ years in 30k+ retail locations, 9 countries, and 3 continents.


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At Upshop, having the customer at the center of the business is a requirement, not a consideration. My work at Upshop gives me the opportunity to dedicate time and energy enabling business process improvement to help retailers get the most out of our technology.

I’m personally extremely passionate about increasing shelf life and reducing food waste and one of the main one of the main reasons I love working for Upshop is because on top of helping our customers really have hard dollar savings and a more profitable business, there’s also this greater good that we do here that really gets me out of bed in the morning and gets me excited to work with our customers on this.

Excited to be a part of the wonderful engineering team that builds Upshop, a cutting-edge SaaS product focused on dramatically reducing waste and increasing profitability in the grocery retail industry. As the architect of the software platform, proud to see this serverless multi-tenant suite scaling up to serve some of the industry leaders.

I chose to work for Upshop because I wanted to work in a company culture where all team members are valued, empowered, and supported by all levels of the company. The support and teamwork at Upshop have allowed me to grow my skillset and makes me eager to get up every morning to provide the same level of support to my teams and customers so they too can deliver their best.

Beginning as an intern with Upshop, I was able to observe the company’s rapid growth and expansion. Now that I am the scrum master for the engineering teams, I see this as a chance to increase the use of agile methodology while keeping a broad perspective by helping teams understand organizational and technical dependencies and steer clear of chokepoints. Teams can meet hurried deadlines thanks to this environment of accountability.

I am a firm believer that we should all aim to work somewhere where you can make a difference. Upshop enables me to do so. Outside of the products I support, the Upshop team are like my extended family, always supportive and willing to help. I have benefitted tremendously from the training I have received, I have learnt many new skills and as our software evolves, I am always kept interested and continuously learning.

I love working at Upshop because I get to apply my operational machine learning acumen towards something that really matters: improving the functionality and efficiency of our food supply chain for everyone.

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