Simplify associate labor with optimized pick paths and order strategies
Enable online order fulfillment through physical stores, dark stores, warehouses, and/or MFCs
Build a seamless, branded omnichannel shopping experience

Labor Savings

Labor savings of $2.34 per order when labor costs dropped from $7.64 to $5.30

Order Value Increase

Order value increased by $8.03 when stores engaged in conversational commerce

Annual Return

101% annual return on investment for stores doing an average of 70 orders per week

Realize Success in eCommerce Fulfillment


We did our homework and implemented a solution that will help us stay competitive and improve operational efficiency without adding more staff.

It’s just easy to use…[New hosts] can be up and running in 30 minutes and actually be out shopping orders because [Upshop] works with them. And we can actually curate the application for that specific shopper based on how advanced they are or how new they might be.

Our customers are telling us weekly in our surveys that they absolutely feel that they’re getting personalized service. They tell us every week that we are winning their business from our competitors. 

eCommerce Solutions

Upshop eCommerce allows retailers to manage orders across multiple channels at scale, ensure 100% order accuracy, and enhance trusted retail brands through real-time customer communication. Reduced labor, optimized pick paths, and increased basket size…the fulfillment ecosystem is complex, and Upshop provides true end-to-end fulfillment orchestration. 

eCommerce Insights