Precise forecasts and trusted ordering for maximum profitability
Smart markdowns to sell more and discount less
Find and sell expiring items

Shrink Savings

Based on a cost basis across all stores

On Shelf Availability


Return on Investment

Realize Operational Success in Center Store


Upshop is not only a great partner in operations, but also a trusted consultant on our existing markdown and expired-item loss prevention strategies. They are genuine advocates for our business.

Upshop has been that solution— and more importantly, that partner—to help us leap forward. Our stores were ordering to the staff they had, as opposed to the demand, or need in the community. In order to be competitive we needed to make that leap to institutionalize the knowledge, help us with out of stock, improve our inventory, and help us with sales.

Upshop Expiration Date Management has exceeded our expectations. We’re able to use resources in other ways that directly benefit customers. Whenever we can give more time, attention and service to our customers, it’s beyond valuable.

We used to have point solutions. [With Upshop] …we were able to go to one system that gave us actionable inventory that resulted in accurate orders, reduced shrink, increased turns…and lean and organized backrooms. This enabled us to truly become truck to shelf.

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