Insights on Inventory Optimization for Grocery

Leading retail analyst, VDC Research, publishes learnings highlighting grocery investment in Inventory Intelligence.


Goal for On-shelf Availability


Incremental Store Revenue Uplift Opportunity with Inventory Optimization

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Associate savings based on reduced digital order substitutions with omnichannel inventory

The grocery industry is experiencing significant change due to inflation, increasing competitiveness, and labor retention challenges. As a result, store associates face increased workloads, leading to manual intervention in ordering and replenishment systems. Store managers struggle to balance workload with order accuracy, resulting in frustrating environments and overflowing backrooms.

Key takeaways from the research answered questions pertaining to: 
  • Reduced Labor Costs: Store Associates make over 1.3 billion ordering decisions every single day and the room for error is way too high. What percentage of daily orders are impacted by an AI-driven, Automated Replenishment software? 
  • Enhanced mobile workforce productivity: Most retailers lack a comprehensive app to streamline order-related tasks. What is the impact of a total store replenishment solutions on workforce productivity? 
  • Increased Labor retention: Equipping store associates with tech allows them to do their best work, but exactly which manual tasks are eliminated? 
  • Personalization at scale: Retailers are investing in tech to win loyalty through personalization. What percentage of retailers are making this a priority? And what is the impact of increased shopper loyalty on basket size and repeat purchases?